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Fragrance Family: Florals
Scent Type: Warm Florals

Key Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla
Fragrance Description: This fragrance is a warm, sultry-white floral, where luxurious tuberose empowers
 the senses with a seductive yet impressively elegant scent, while Sri Lankan Sandalwood adds sophistication.
About the Bottle: The number 57 indicates the 57 rounds of formulations it took to achieve 
the perfect balance of warm and sultry.
About the Fragrance: Inspired by the rich heritage of the Middle East, 
KAYALI translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination’ and features a collection of captivating fragrances
, handcrafted in France using the most luxurious ingredients.
"Bespoke beauty is something we’re very passionate about. KAYALI is about d
is covering your unique fragrance. A fragrance for every layer of you."—Mona Kattan

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