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Fragrance Family: Floral

Scent Type: Warm Florals

Key Notes: Rose de Mai Absolute, Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Patchouli

Fragrance Description: An ultra-addictive scent, ELIXIR | 11 opens with sweet notes

of red apple and rose petal essence before revealing a floral heart of rose centifolia and

uplifting touches of jasmine sambac from India. Adding depth to the romantic fragrance,

warm woody notes of Indonesian patchouli and velvety amber are enveloped by accents of vanilla,

leaving behind a long-lasting trail. The number 11 indicates the 11 rounds of

formulations it took to achieve the perfect balance of Floral and Fruity 

About the Fragrance: KAYALI, which translates from Arabic to ‘my imagination,’ features a collection of captivating

fragrances, handcrafted in France using the most luxurious ingredients. This first collection is designed to be

layered and combined to create a scent that is truly yours. Inspired by the rich heritage of the Middle East,

KAYALI reflects limitless possibilities, personalities and desires to celebrate and enhance one’s infinite layers.
"Bespoke beauty is something we’re very passionate about and KAYALI is all about discovering

your own unique fragrance. A fragrance for every layer of you."—Mona Kattan
"The sense of smell is the most powerful of all the senses, and so many of my

memories are tied to a specific scent. I can reflect back to a time and place in my

mind when I smell a certain fragrance—it just has the power to transport me

. What we wanted to achieve with KAYALI is a fragrance collection that invites

exploration and creativity, to create scents that are truly their own."—Huda Kattan

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