See's Candies Gift of Elegance 4lb

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See's Candies Gift of Elegance 4lb 

Featuring an extraordinary four pounds of our finest chocolates and candies-a truly impressive assortment of See's confections. Presented in a gold box with organza ribbon, this box measures 10.25" x 21" and includes*:

Almond Bud, Almond Royal, Blueberry Truffle, Butterscotch Chews, Butterscotch Square, Caramel, Chelsea, Chocolate Butter Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Cocoanut, Dark Almond, Dark Bordeaux™, Dark Butterchew, Dark Buttercream, Dark California Brittle, Dark Chocolate Butter, Dark Molasses Chips, Dark Nougat, Dark Patties, Divinity, Lemon Truffle, Maple Walnut, Marzipan, Mayfair, Milk Almond, Milk Beverly, Milk Bordeaux™, Milk Butterchew, Milk California Brittle, Milk Chocolate Butter, Milk Molasses Chips, Mini Peanut Square, Mocha, Normandie, Peanut Square, Pecan Bud, Pecan Roll, Pineapple Truffle, Raspberry Cream, Rum Nougat, Scotchmallow®, Toffee-ette, Vanilla Nut Caramel, Vanilla Nut Cream, Vanilla Nut Fudge, Walnut Roll, Walnut Square.

*Replacements may be made depending on candy availability.